High level
housing offer

The central headquarter

Torriana is located 10 minutes walk from Cadorna Square, in a strategic position to reach universities and fully experience the city of Milan. Organized according to an innovative model in the Milanese panorama, it has a central office connected with apartments located in the immediate surroundings.

The headquarter is the reference point for the daily life of students, who can study in high quality environments and spaces always at their disposal, sharing moments of relax, sport and fun.

Distinctive are the moments of meetings where students are together, celebrate birthdays and in some occasions residents meet personalities from the professional and cultural world, who are invited for an informal event.


What you find in Torriana

Torriana central Headquarter, characterized by functional rooms furnished with good taste, offers to students:

  • wi-fi in all environments
  • study rooms
  • a spacious library with study station
  • personal study rooms
  • gym
  • volleyball court

There are many occasions in which young people experience the typical community environment of the university Hall of Residence, a place of growth and entertainment. The dinner, provided at the residence 2 evenings a week, and the snack breaks are further opportunities of friendship.

The apartments

Residents live in apartments located a few meters from the headquarter. The apartments guarantee high living standards, furnished and equipped to meet all the needs of a transfert university student. They are equipped with shared kitchen and dining room.

The aim is to offer all the advantages of a university residence, combined with the freedom of an independent solution in an apartment.

The accommodation is in a single or double room and weekly cleaning, heating and condominium expenses are included in the fee.

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