A Unique Experience

Well-designed spaces create the ideal environment for building friendships, studying, culture and personal training.

The international environment, training activities, moments of celebration, workshops, and meetings with guest from different professions, engaged in direct dialogue with each of the residents, are the  ingredients that make the life at Torriana a unique experience.

Torriana really is the ideal environment to study, have fun and devote yourself to others.


Becoming Socially Responsible

The educational program includes events with leading associations in the social sphere such as the Dynamo Camp Foundation, as well as housekeeping lessons with qualified personnel.

Residence assignments and after-school volunteering to children of immigrants are an opportunity to grow, and train for an altruistic human awareness.

In doing so, students combine education with social responsability, giving their time to serve others while discovering how much they receive back in return.

Sports, Music and Hobbies

There is no shortage of sports activities which residents can practice together in the daily life at the Residence, which is equipped with a gym and a volleyball court in the garden.

Furthermore, the Direction and the students frequentely promote the partecipation to cultural events in Milan.

The inauguration of the academic year, the conventions and the party with residents’ families are among the most significant events of the formative offer that take place every year, all moments of exchange and friendship.


Christian Formation

Torriana, through its activities, provides all its students the opportunity to confront important questions about human existence; the passion for every dimension of human nature is stimulated, with a spirit open to truth and respectful of everyone’s freedom.

Torriana follows some traditions that every Christian family live and the Holy Mass is always celebrated. The chaplain is available to all students.

Participation to these activities is always voluntary.

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