The Residence

Torriana is organised following an innovative model in the milanese landscape: a central headquarters with a full board service 7 days a week and a network of appartments in the near surroundings, linked to the central headquarters.

The central headquarters is the focus of the students' daily lives. It's where they find high quality structures: study rooms, library, living room. The appartments guarantee high living standards and they are in strategic position in respect to the different universities.

 If you stay at Torriana, you'll enjoy all of the following services:

- Lodging in single for students who choose all-inclusive services and single or double room in high quality appartments for the others. Cleaning, heating and condo fees are included;
- Free access to all of the facilities in the central building: study rooms (for groups or singles), library, living room;
- Participation to JUMP (Job University Matching Project) and all of the formative activities that the residence has to offer;
- Full board service 7 days a week for students who choose all- inclusive model and two weekly dinners at the central headquarters for the others.

Here you can find further information about he coomodation and all the annual fees.