To enter in a RUI Residence means taking part to a story with three main characters, that only when mixed together can create the right synergy to face the university years and make a difference. The Residents, the management and the administration.

The Residents are students, generous girls, willing to challenge oneselves and reach what they didn't imagine was possible. Girls that aren't settled with knowing the surface of things and girls that aren't afraid to aim at new goals and to confront their limits.

The management is made up by university professors, lawyers, managers, consultants, engineers: each with is own professional story and a professional in the educational field. Their vocational training is in continuous development: every year the members attend updating courses and classes to enrich methodology. They live in the Residence with the girls, accompanying them in their growth. The personal relationship that begins between head office and the students is one of the strengths of the life at the Residence. A relationship built on esteem, listening and availability, to peacefully face the difficulties and continuously embrace more and more ambitious goals.

The Administration deals with home management, house cleaning (house, kitchen and laundy): making it easier to participate in all the activities of the Residence.