20 01 2015

# Francesca Ferrari guest in Torriana

Tuesday, January 20 at 21 at the Residence Torriana Dr. Francesca Ferrari, Head of Qualitative Doxa and Doxa Innovation, will meet with the residents for an evening on statistical studies and the experience of work / family.

She graduated in Philosophy degree in Psychology at the University of Pisa; thesis on the impact of family factors in relationships. He works in the field of market research as a consultant Eurisko, Marketing and Italy (exclusively) Infratest Burke, perfecting their expertise in qualitative research applied to marketing and communication in the different areas of the market. Then assumes the responsibility of the group quality at Infratest Burke (now TNS) as Group Manager contributing to the development of research in finance and insurance. As director of the department at Ipsos Qualitative introduces new disciplines and develops courses articulated to support business decisions. Currently Director of the Division Qualitative Doxa Doxa and Innovation has among others the task of developing the integration processes with partners and the new realities of the group Alchemy. Collaborates with various universities and has been teaching in the Master Assirm in qualitative methods.